The Hong Kong Forum

Canadian Delegation to Hong Kong

The Hong Kong - Canada Business Association leads a Canadian delegation to Hong Kong each year where attendees are invited to participate in the HKCBA National Meeting, the Transpacific Entrepreneurial Conference and the Hong Kong Forum. 

Canadian companies have the opportunity to create awareness, strengthen strategic alliances, build partnerships and gather information for their organization's China strategy.

In 2015, 76 Canadians from coast to coast joined HKCBA in Hong Kong November 30th - December 2nd for a successful week of B2B as well as a little fun. See below for highlights from the week. 

Join us this year from November 28th - 30th, 2016!

The Hong Kong Forum is an annual flagship event of the Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations worldwide, a global network with over 11,000 members from 39 Hong Kong business associations located in 28 countries and regions. 

In 2015, the Forum was attended by 415 participants representing 361 companies from 26 countries.  Click here for more information on last year's program, speaker line-up, presentations and more. 

Jointly presented by the HKCBA and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, the Second Transpacific Entrepreneurial Conference was tailored to educate Canadian startups, SMEs and corporations alike on the advantages of conducting business with Asia through Hong Kong. 
This conference served as a bridge, connecting members to industry experts and professionals with in-depth market intelligence. We heard first hand experiences from Canadian firms operating in Hong Kong, why entrepreneurs are increasingly using Hong Kong as their link to mainland China and government organizations on their initiatives to support market expansion efforts.
The five discussion panels were:
  • Hong Kong: Canada's Gateway to Half the World
  • "How I Started: How I Made it" Entrepreneur Experience Sharing Session 
  • Growth Through Partnership - HKCBA and CanChamHK
  • Hong Kong: A Super Connector Between Asia and Canada 
  • How we are Helping Canadian Companies Expand their Business into Hong Kong and China


Click here for more details on what the speakers had to say. 

Congratulations HKCBA Montreal!

At the Forum’s award ceremony, the HKCBA Montreal section was presented The Best Initiative Award by the Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide for its efforts in the cleantech sector and specifically for its Rendez-Vous Québec Hong Kong event. HKCBA Montreal was awarded for its sectorial strategy that aims to to unite strengths and opportunities in Hong Kong and Quebec. 

The 16th Annual Hong Kong Forum